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The Problem
There are stinging insects that do a lot of good, for instance we all know that honey bees are vital for pollinating the plants the produce the food that we all eat. As predators large wasps help control insect and spider populations. Wasps and bees and other stinging insects however can pose a danger to your family if they are in close proximity to your home. Then there are also some forgotten stinging insects like the No Seeums that have no regard for your screens or your skin. 

What You Can Do

You can be aware if you have a problem with stinging Insects. When it comes to Flying insects that sting you can't keep them from flying around it's when they begin to set up house keeping that you have a problem that needs some attention, that's when we come in the picture


What We Can Do To Help

Whatever kind of stinging insect moves in to cause problems inside or outside of your residence we can  handle it. We can eliminate a nest without disturbing or aggravating them thus keeping your family safe. If you have a honey bee hive we can contact a bee keeper to relocate the hive. If you are having a problem with any kind of stinging insect contact us today we would be happy to help.

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