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The Problem
Ants & spiders perform a vital service in nature. Spiders help to control the population of other insects and ants help to turn soil and aid in decomposition. But when they enter your home they can become a nuisance. Whether they are on the inside or they make a home on the exterior of your house it is always good to get rid of them and set up a barrier to keep them out. The barrier will help keep the exterior of your home free from spider webs and spotting from the feces of the insects.


What You Can Do
You can look around and see if there is evidence of insects are there cobwebs and discoloration on your siding. Do you see hornets nest in the eves. In the spring do you feel you can hardly wait for the house to be power washed so it looks clean again. You can be proactive and get a handle on any problems before they get out of control.


What We Can Do For You
We can perform an inspection of your home to see if there is any evidence of activity and if so we will discuss with you what we can do to correct the problem. We can implement a plan of putting up and exterior barrier that will keep pests out and off of your home. If they have already entered your home we can treat the interior. Doing this in the spring will make a much more enjoyable summer for your whole family. Please visit our
contact page and get in touch with us today to set up an appointment.

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