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The Problem
Unlike insects' mice are very cute and so many people think they are not a serious problem, but not only are they very destructive in nature, but they can carry diseases.  Whether they are on the inside or they make a home on the outside of your house it is always good to take measures to deep them under control. 

What You Can Do

Keeping your house in good repair goes a long way. Make sure that you don't have gaps in the exterior of your house. Also do what you can to keep your house clean especially when it comes to food left out, dog & cat food are a   common food source for mice and other small animals.

What We Can Do For You
Getting control over mice is usually a two step process. Getting rid of the ones who have gotten inside and putting up bait stations outside to reduce the population. We can help you with your mouse problems - give us a call and we can discuss a plan to get the mice under control and implement a Maintenace Program to keep mice at bay. Please visit our contact page and get in touch with us to set up an appointment.

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