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The Problem
 Then there are those insects that infest structures like the carpenter ants and the powder post beetles and the not to be ignored the carpenter bee. These Insects
can do real damage to your home. One myth is that treated wood is protected from carpenter ants. This is simply not true. Carpenter ants unlike termites do not eat the wood, they are actually excavating a place for the colony. Since they do not digest the treated wood it does not stop them. They prefer soft wood or wood that has been softened by water damage.

What You Can Do

One important thing you can do is avoid having wet & rotting wood around your home. With that in mind it is important that you fix any water leaks in your home. Whether it is a leaking roof or a dripping pipe, wet wood is like sending an invitation to carpenter ants.You can also take notice if you see saw dust piles or holes in your wood surfaces such as soffits and decks etc. or if you see big black ants. Then it's time to call us to have a look to see what can be done.


What We Can Do To Help

Whatever kind of wood destroyer moves in to cause problems inside or outside of your residence can be handled. We can meet with you and evaluate your pest and the solution to take care of the problem. Eradicating these type of pest is not merely getting rid of insects that cause irritation these pest live up to their name they can destroy your home. So when you see these signs contact us so we can help.

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